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30 edu-geeks to follow on Twitter

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What makes a geek? Well, according to IMS contributor Rachel Jones, a geek is “passionate, knowledgeable, wanting to convey that to the children in our classrooms. A liking for sci-fi optional.” Here, we take that enthusiasm and look at 30 superb tweeters who either identify as “geeky” or meet this loose, celebratory criteria. Senses of humour and bon mots abound.  Note: This list was assembled by Innovate My School and external recommendations. It is by no means a ‘best-of’, and is in no particular order.

1. @rlj1981 - At the time of writing, Rachel Jones is working on her next book, fit in between her teaching in Southampton and numerous TeachMeets. She should be considered an authority on the Venn overlap of ‘geek’ and ‘teacher’.

2. @RafranzDavis - Rafranz Davis is a “Math & Tech Geek” based in Texas; she’s a Google-certified educator whose insightful tweets support #educolor and #txeduchat amongst others.

3. @GwynethJones - Between tweeting about her favourite TV programmes and her dad’s new drone, Gwyneth Jones tweets about kids’ social media, sex ed, the importance of fun and more under her alias, The Daring Librarian.

4. @CraftyTeacher - Carl Sagan, Leonard Nemoy, Terry Pratchett and Lego all feature on Suffolk teacher Alison Jane’s Twitter feed. She “loves glue and paper and sparkles”.

5. @creativeedtech - Ryan O'Donnell is a Social Studies teacher in Rocklin, California, and he uses the Star Wars movies to help pupils understand topics such as the Roman Empire.

6. @missradders - Funny, political and an avid reader, Hannah R blogs about teaching on Ideas For The Classroom.

7. @techlady911 - Steeping herself in both education and culture, Tess Wigginton is an English and journalism teacher who moonlights as a “grammar cop”.

8. @FlyMyGeekFlag - Lancashire-based Aussie Sarah Bedwell strives to bring fun, culture and technology into her classroom, as well as the occasional vegemite sandwich.

9. @jedikermit - Quinn Rollins isn’t on this list just because of that handle; the Salt Lake City teacher of History tweets often about exciting teaching strategies (in between movie memes).

10. @GeekyNicki - As well as discussing education via her Interactive Classroom.net blog, Kent’s Nicki Cooper tweets out many terrific teaching resources.

11. @Enbrethiliel - Enbrethiliel is a great choice of follow for teachers who like passionate tweets about books - for both recommendations and analysis.

12. @danielharvey9 - Midlands teacher and rugby coach Daniel Harvey is a passionate and frequent-tweeting member of the teaching CPD community, as well as a serial TeachMeeter.

13. @NicolePonsford - TechnoTeachers founder and IMS agony aunt Nicole Ponsford is a fan of edtech, using film in the classroom and gamification.

14. @tiddtalk - In between playing his ukulele, listening to David Bowie and loving geek culture, Mike Tidd tweets resources and co-organises TeachMeets for Dorset educators.

15. @Mr_Speight - Adam Speight is a close follower of edtech, often finding creative ways to innovate his work as Kings Monkton’s head of Computer Science & E-Safety.

16. @debrakidd - A teacher who’s recently been running a teaching programme in Kakuma, Kenya, Debra Kidd’s passion for education spans far and wide.

17. @GeekyAusTeacher - Another geeky Aussie, Sydney-based Alfina Jackson uses her refined cultural tastes to fuel her teaching and CPD work.

18. @GeoDebs - Jo Debens is another example of how teacher-geeks tend to love TeachMeets. The Pompey head of Geography tweets pedagogical resources, ideas and bon mots.

19. @_adverbia - Also tweeting as @LabCoatTeacher, Lali DeRosier is a Floridian Science teacher who's hugely passionate about her chosen field (she also finds the time to be a savvy film fan).

20. @lisajaneashes - Manglish author Lisa Jane Ashes excels at bringing together the worlds of Maths and English while curating for teacher-community Pedagoo.

21. @jkloczko - Jennifer Kloczko is a Californian K-5 Principal who uses her blog Learning. Leading change. to be a bastion of positivity in the teacher community.

22. @mr_crossjr - Ira Cross is about as enthusiastic as it gets, teaching tirelessly in his Columbus, Ohio school. He considers humour and fun to be vital parts of learning.

23. @jayatwood - Jay Atwood, an American-Australian living in Singapore, is a Google Certified teacher whose passion for edtech sees him collaborating with educators far and wide.

24. @TammyDunbar - “Teacher Geek is Chic!” exclaims Tammy Dunbar’s Twitter bio, and the teacher / musician’s feed is testament to this. Enthusiastic selfies are a frequent feature..

25. @CatherineKU72 - French teacher and World Language Technology consultant Catherine Ousselin is a recommended follow for those interested in edtech and language.

26. @gceyre - Graeme Eyre, a Geography teacher based in Essex, blogs about education on GEYRE.CO.UK when not roaming the great outdoors.

27. @EddieKayshun - Rory Gallagher is an MFL teacher and deputy ITEC in Dorset. He writes about education and technology on his blog eddiekayshun.

28. @iceblueletter - Based in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Anthony Kasgnoc is an English teacher and horror film buff. He’s a huge fan of anything that inspires the inner-writer.

29. @Urban_Teacher - ICT teacher Mark ‘Urban Teacher’ Martin is a great person to follow when it comes to technology in education and teacher CPD.

30. @TheMsOBSI - Texan Jenn Oramous is a teacher who uses platforms that pupils find relatable - movies, cartoons - to teach her Science pupils, in lessons that sound outstandingly cool.

Which geeks would you consider a must-follow? Let us know below.

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