‘Game-changing’ Quizalize and Zzish optimise reviewing and marking time


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Zzish, the UK-based software company founded by former Google product manager Charles Wiles, has refined its groundbreaking ‘teacher dashboards’ with a series of new features that help teachers tackle the tedious marking mounting. The platform is pioneering the way in which students learn and optimising teacher’s valuable time spent marking and spotting learning gaps.

The team behind Zzish consider the assessment of student performance in tests is crucial to spotting individual learning gaps and addressing weaknesses that can be strengthened through targeted exercises and practice. The software allows teachers to get an overview of what particular questions or items are problematic on both a class and individual level, in order to deploy bespoke and targeted assignments to improve performance.

“Apps such as Quizalize and Zzish have been a real game-changer for me,” says John Heeg, an 8th grade social studies teacher at Robert Frost Middle School. “Prior to these, I used to compile data from assessments using Google Forms. This was cumbersome and time-consuming, but a necessary means of organising and analyzing results. Now, there’s a decent suite of handy classroom tools that allow me to create interactive educational content that train students up for big assessments, while at the same time aggregating data so I can identify areas that require more practice, instantly.

“The day before a mid-term assessment, I produce a mini online test comprising five questions which students were finding particularly tricky. I used the same method for preparing warm-up tests ahead of the finals. The process took about 15 minutes. By comparison, my colleague spent a whole week in class using the same review sheets he had always used for the past 12 years. My class performed 3 per cent better than his.”

Zzish enables any mobile learning app to be played as an engaging classroom quiz and gives teachers instant insight on class and pupil performance through simple colourful infographics that enables them to spot those all-important learning gaps immediately, as well as track improvement over time. New features include:

  • “Gradebook” – track your students’ individual progress and activities.
  • Archive classes you don’t need.
  • Manage a variety of classes in a scrollable view.

Charles Wiles, CEO and co-founder at Zzish, said: “Paper assets still remain the material of choice for many teachers, but apps are providing a vital means of engaging with today’s modern student where traditional pedagogy is failing. Game play using colour, sounds and interactivity mechanics that reward students’ efforts and achievements harnesses classic motivational drivers to both optimize the learning process and make assessment and marking more efficient for teachers.

One-to-one learning has shown to dramatically improve student performance, but that intense level of teaching is neither practical nor viable in a traditional school setting where both teachers and resources are incredibly limited. But new software like Zzish is simulating this dynamic to give every child their own personal tutor by using big data and adaptive algorithms to deliver an optimal teaching and learning experience.”

Visit www.zzish.com for more information.

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